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Chairman’s Profileftty

My experience with the beautiful world of pearls, a world I have opened my eyes to since birth has created a leader of me and led me to success.

With time I started creating a clear picture of a fascinating world when I wasn’t aware that my entire life will be strongly linked to it. This has taught me the joy of enjoying beauty and has led me to greater insights and opportunities. I have learned that dedication, patience, fine taste and kind treatment are what create success along with God’s blessing and will.


I am very thankful for being brought up in this environment and for my ability to provide proper guidance to my team and my full support to them when needed.

Operating on global standards of excellence, Al Fardan Group constantly seeks to provide the best of products and services, meeting the customers’ requirements in an environment where taste keeps evolving. Understanding our customers and providing them with the comfort and trust they need is our aim and we have managed to earn that trust.

The past years have witnessed a tremendous amount of change that have contributed to the development of our organization and facilitated our continued growth, capitalizing on the breadth of our portfolio to further improve our earnings. Solidarity and hard team work is what made us overcome and survive the challenge.
Under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and solid efforts of our employees, the Al Fardan group will continue to shine and deliver the best of quality and service to our customers.
Like the United Arab Emirates, our future is bright and I must once again commend our employees for contributing greatly to the betterment of our business. We have managed to expand from being a local jewellery provider initially to being a regional establishment working with international renowned brands. We will continue to offer the best of both worlds to meet our customer’s requirements.
Our commitment to our values of integrity and responsibility will continue to fuel our desire to be the ‘Leading lifestyle goods and services provider in the Middle East’.

Hassan I. Alfardan

Chairman – Al Fardan Group