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Chairman’s Message

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12345667Being a part of a business-oriented family and the son of a prominent pearl merchant, I have been blessed with the proper guidance, support and insight needed to become an expert and a leader in this luxury industry.

I have been highly inspired by my father, whose sense of direction and leadership has steered the Al Fardan Group to where it stands today, being one of the leading businesses in the Arabian Gulf region.

Al Fardan has become a significant name in the pearl and jewellery industry, given its track record of quality products and excellence in customer service, thus striving to meet the client’s requirements.

Operating on best global practices and following the latest global and market trends, we have managed to grow our portfolio and develop the business even further via dealing with global key industry providers.

The joint efforts and dedication of the Al Fardan team has managed to help sustain the Al Fardan name both locally and regionally.

I am proud to lead and be a part of the Al Fardan team, with all the thorough efforts, I am certain we will continue to shine and outshine on this level.

When there is a will there is a way, hard work and commitment do pay off, therefore, never give-up and always be a role model for others.

Our commitment to excellence will continue to fuel our desire to become the “Leading lifestyle goods and services provider in the Middle East”.


Best wishes,

Hassan Al Fardan

Chairman, Al Fardan Group