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Our Mission

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The Mission 

Our mandate is to provide high-end top-notch services and products based on international standards catered to the local market.


A dynamic and dedicated family-owned business, Al Fardan Jewellery strives to provide excellent customer service that excels beyond customer expectations, while ensuring constant customer satisfaction given the market demand level and requirements. With a life-long commitment to its customers, Al Fardan Jewellery is driven by its standards of excellence and core values.


Corporate Values

  1. Customer-centric


Customer satisfaction and relationship management is a key component of success. Al Fardan Jewellery values its customers and their feedback. Exceeding their expectations is what we always aim to do.  Accordingly we ensure delivering the best products and services to our clients based on their needs and requirements.

  1. Integrity and Transparency

A very crucial core value that Al Fardan Jewellery takes very seriously, like all its other values when dealing with its employees and customers is the culture of honesty and basic ethical principles. This is a key element as it embeds trust, transparency and integrity amongst the members of Al Fardan Jewellery.


  1. Our Employees


Al Fardan Jewellery cherishes its employees, which they consider a family and a major asset to the company. Employees are empowered and given the authority and trust to assess and manage situations, which creates a healthy work environment and thus helps employees develop further their skills and careers confidently.


  1. Shareholder Value


Sustaining and expanding the market share and venturing in new markets are a constant work in progress for Al Fardan Jewellery. Enhancing its shareholders’ value and equity and sustaining the gains through improving the management and operations of the company from every aspect is what helps it attain the given objective.