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Alfardan Jewellery

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Al Fardan Jewellery

Hassan Al Fardan

Al Fardan Jewellery has become a leading name in the pearl trading and jewellery industry, founded by Mr. Ibrahim Al Fardan, a prominent pearl expert and trader.  The first Al Fardan Jewellery showroom was established in 1954, by Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Al Fardan, the Chairman of the Group.

Known for its exclusive and international branded diamond jewellery and watches, Alfardan Jewellery showcases the world’s most famous brands and distributes them to various parts of the region.

In 1971, the Al Fardan Group ventured in the money exchange business, thus creating the Al Fardan Exchange, the first exchange company to provide money exchange and transfer services in the UAE. From there diversified and expanded their business operations to include real estate. Al Fardan is currently a solid name in the real estate industry, owning commercial and residential properties throughout the UAE. The Al Fardan Group developed the Al Fardan Centre and Al Zahra Techno Centre, a commercial IT center in Dubai.

The Al Fardan International Jewellery & Watches showrooms were the first of their kind in the Middle East, around the mid-70s, bringing together the world’s finest jewellery and timepieces in the gulf.

As pioneers, Al Fardan Jewellery has managed to create and maintain a prominent reputation as a result of its commitment and dedication towards offering the highest quality products and best services, thus exceeding customers’ expectations and meeting their requirements, which has led to loyal customers.

Since 1954, Al Fardan has matured to become one of the Gulf region’s most eminent pearl and jewellery houses.

Al Fardan Jewellery has managed to bring world renowned goldsmiths exclusively under its umbrella, some of which offer Middle Eastern designs by infamous European Manufacturers including the likes of Vacheron, Constantin, Chaumet, Eterna, Bertolucci, Barthelay, Alain Philippe, Girard Perregaux, Grovana, Van Der Bauwede, Corum Watches, And Rodania to name a few.

Dedicated to deliver the best of what the world of jewellery and watches has to offer, Al Fardan Jewellery has never been a disappointment to its customers; on the contrary, its dynamic strategy in bringing the top and most exclusive global brands and designs and constant product development has made Al Fardan Jewellery a choice for the fashion savvy.

Like a pearl, the Al Fardan Jewellery has been nurtured and shaped over the years. Its appeal managed to attract the majority of Europe’s prime watchmakers and the likes to its path and has since maintained valued relationships with its partners.

Alfardan Jewellery showcases world famous brands and distributes them to various parts of the region.

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