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Our partners

Vacheron, Constantin, Chaumet, Eterna, Bertolucci, Barthelay, Alain Philippe, Girard Perregaux, Grovana, Van Der Bauwede, Corum Watches, And Rodania are some of the major brands we offer with various models topped with gold and diamonds

Vecheron constamtin
Established in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation, maintaining its traditions of watchmaking excellence for more than 255 years. Held in high regard by watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, Vacheron Constantin’s strengths lie in its superlative technical mastery, aesthetic know-how and extremely high level of finish.
Prestigious watches designed with the respect of Parisian watch makers
Discover the latest watch and jewellery collections by Chaumet, the Jeweller of Feelings. Chaumet’s creations display all the arts of the language of love
Girard Perregaux
Girard-Perregaux is one of the few true Swiss haute horlogerie manufactures offering the finest grand complications, such as its Tourbillon with three gold bridges
Alain philippe
ALAIN PHILIPPE Watches come in an exciting assortment of style
Grovana is a firm that has made a name for itself in the Swiss watch making industry through innovation and flexibility.
Eterna Watches
Eterna has since 1856 manufactured high-quality mechanical timepieces born of traditional craftsmanship. Over its more than 150 years of existence, numerous major developments have emerged from the company’s workshops
Corum Watches
Recognized for its exceptional creativity and its technical excellence, Corum proudly perpetuates the time-honored values and expertise of fine Swiss watchmaking by propelling them into the future and creating tomorrow’s watchmaking today. Founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland),
Bertolucci is renowned the world over as the embodiment of the Mediterranean spirit, fusing the world of Italian-inspired, elegant jewellery design together with unparalleled Swiss watch craftsmanship. Together, they bring to life the brand’s signature “4 C’s”: Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction. Bertolucci's visually stunning timepieces are irresistible to today's discerning customer and will prove to be timeless to this premier brand in the world of haute horlogerie
The face of a Rodania watch…’ A Swiss brand with proven reputation, Rodania has been producing the finest watches since its foundation in 1930. Since then, Rodania has always been positioned as a brand that respects the essence of watch-making. Nevertheless through the years, the brand proved to be contemporary and creative without following every volatile fashion trend.
Van Der Bauwade
Bauwede Genève brand to shake up horological t radi t ions in order to keep pace wi th fashion and t rends. The product ion and the different watch collect ions are thus both exclusive and avant-garde. Consistently creating distinctive watches, Van Der Bauwede Genève focuses on products while not neglecting traditions… Ident ified by numerous personalities as an exclusive brand, Van Der Bauwede Genève has chosen to work with a selective and high-quality sales network.